Boron Boosts Testosterone in Human Case Study!!

Ever heard of boron? Probably not because boron is not a popular supplement that many men consider. Nevertheless, boron has a number of effects on androgen levels.

Boron is a rare trace-mineral. It is a vital mineral for various body functions. It can be found in small amount in soil but it originates from space matter like meteoroids.

Boron boosts testosterone by:

Increasing free testosterone

In one scientific case study, men who were on 10 mg of boron supplements for 7 days had an increase of 28.3% in their free testosterone. Furthermore, estrogen levels dropped by 39%,

Increasing magnesium and vitamin D serum levels

Vitamin D and magnesium are known to be testosterone boosters. They can either provide the raw material of its production or support the structures that are involved in its production.

Boron helps with the storage of these minerals. As a result, the body is able to produce more testosterone and other sex hormones.

In a scientific case study, men were given 6 mg boron every day for 60 days. it was found that:

  • Vitamin D levels had increased by 19.5%
  • DHEA had increased by 56%
  • Free testosterone had increased by 29.5%

Clearly, taking boron has a significant impact on vitamin D levels.

Inhibition of SHBG

Sex hormone binding globulin or simply SHBG is a protein that is found in the blood. Its primary function is to bind sex hormones and prevent their effects. So, SHBG can be annoying especially when you are trying to raise your testosterone levels. More of your testosterone finds itself bound and unable to exert any benefits on your body.

As a matter of fact, you may find that your testosterone levels are increasing but your body’s ability to use it for things like strength and muscle building is still limited all because of SHBG. Fortunately, boron supplements can reduce SHGB levels in the blood. As a result, they allow more testosterone to do its functions in your body.

Boron also inhibits aromatase. This is the enzyme that is responsible for converting testosterone to estradiol.

Reducing estrogen

While it does increase testosterone, boron also reduces estrogen. It reduces estrogens from harmful testosterone killing forms to less potent estrogen forms.

Ultimately, boron not only boosts testosterone production but it also safeguards its levels in the bloodstream.

In conclusion, human studies have shown that boron:

  • Significantly increases testosterone levels
  • Increases dihydrotestosterone or DHT which is the hormone responsible for manly traits
  • Increases vitamin D which is required for producing testosterone
  • A reduction in female hormone estradiol and the sex hormone binding globulin, SBHG. These are the compounds that restrict the effectiveness of testosterone in the bloodstream
  • Increase in stress hormone cortisol

Boron supplements are good if you’re looking to boost your testosterone levels. It is safe for short term use but its effectiveness reduces with longer usage. Other sources of boron include walnuts, broccoli, avocados, almonds and raisins.

In order to achieve the optimum testosterone levels, a daily dosage of 10 mg is the ideal dosage.

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